Cougar Town Wines

To say I loved the show Friends is a huge understatement... So of course, devoted fan that I am,  I had to give Cougar Town a shot and have thoroughly enjoyed watching the show since it began.  Especially the devotion to wine drinking demonstrated by all characters; I have to have my glass of red at the ready to drink along!  I equally love watching to see what they are drinking, and often times, they are some of my favorite wines (Jordan Cabernet, Orin Swift's "The Prisoner" and "Palermo", etc.) - so I look to the cast to lead me to new discoveries :-)

Courtney Cox's character Jules had a ginormous vintage sommelier wine glass (that has since "passed away") named "Big Joe" that held almost two bottles of wine... You can buy your own super fancy expensive version here at Big Joe Wine or a more affordable version from Amazon here.  I'm going to need someone to pour me one of these after I'm done taking my (6 hour!) exam...

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