Outdoor Flooring

I'm embarrassed to say that we're coming up on 3 years of living in our place, and have yet to create a functional space out of our balcony.  For the first year, we sort of used it as storage for what was ultimately junk that we should never have moved with us in the first place.  We eventually parted ways with said junk in Year 2 and it essentially became a home for my husband's surfboard.  Once I am done taking this exam next weekend, Project Balcony becomes Priority #1 around the house!

First things first, the flooring.  I am debating several options... Any thoughts?  I would love to hear about what you've used/love or to hear of other options.  (I've realized to actually comment, you need to click on the heading of the post; trying to fix this!).  I want flooring that is easy to clean and maintain, yet still stylish and fun.

These decking tiles from Ikea seem like a potentially great fit and easy to implement, as does this Japanese decking:

When we were looking at our place, our realtor suggested artificial grass... I like the idea of seeing a green patch outside the window and simulating the effect of having a real "outdoor" space, but I worry that it will be difficult to keep clean.

Interlocking tiles made of pebbles seem like a unique and fun way to cover the floor as well:

A sleeker ceramic version is an option too:

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