Dark Circles

I have naturally darker under-eye circles and late night study sessions definitely do not help.  The big test is coming up this Saturday, and I will be MIA this week studying every spare second and eating terrible processed foods to keep me going along the way...  That's just how it is.

I wanted to share my favorite under-eye concealer kit that my makeup artist for our wedding introduced me to: Bobbi Brown's Creamy Concealer Kit.  There's nothing else like it.  I have olive skin and use the "warm natural", but go in to your local department store that carries the line to get matched.  

Begin with the moisturizer base, dab on the concealer, and top with the finishing powder that is NEVER cake-y (how to here; I have yet to try the new "Corrector").  It looks amazingly natural and completely turns around and brightens your face.  It's sleep and magic in a bottle and just what the doctor ordered this week :-) Wish me luck! 

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