Glitter Nail DIY

This nail art is a throwback to high school for me - I used to spend many nights adorning my nails with carefully placed glitter in various designs... Back then, I didn't know about Seche Vite top coat. (also referenced here)  This makes today's version much more durable and glossy.  

All you will need is any color polish, a toothpick, and some old-school glitter (which I had a tough time finding! You want the kind with larger hexagonal pieces, not the tiny glitter dust which is in abundance these days).  This may seem arduous, but trust me, it couldn't be easier!

I chose a shade of bright red polish this time:

Pour some glitter onto a sheet of paper for easy access:

Apply a few coats of polish, and before it dries, moisten the end of your toothpick (yes, I licked it...!) to easily pick up individual pieces of glitter and selectively position them on your wet polish - give them a tap to help settle each piece flush with your nail (it's helpful to apply the last coat of polish one nail at a time, as you are ready to glitter them up)

Once dry, apply two thick coats of clear gloss, and you're ready to go!

Have a lovely weekend!

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