Homemade Corn Tortillas

I'm usually a flour tortilla kind of girl, but there are times when a corn tortilla can be perfect - I personally like them most in enchiladas or any other form where they are not super dry.  When warmed correctly, corn tortillas are delicious for tacos as well.  They seemed easy enough to make from scratch, so I decided why not try them myself for some tacos.

It can't get more simple than this - a two ingredient recipe: water & Masa Harina (corn flour)

Combine the flour with hot water and knead resulting dough until smooth:

Then, cover the dough tightly in plastic wrap and allow to stand for a half hour:

Divide dough into smaller equal-sized balls for each tortilla:

I used a rolling pin to flatten out each ball for the tortillas - I liked the rustic feel to them not being perfect circles:

In a heated pan, cook tortilla on each side for about 30 seconds each, or until the tortilla begins to puff up/brown.  Keep tortillas warm as you prepare the rest, then enjoy! I used them to make Vegan Potato Tacos (recipe to follow!).

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