Love Cuff

Wanting to carry the spirit of love and joy from the holidays forward with me to start 2012, I've been creating a lot of "love" jewelry.

I made my sister this necklace and ring set:

I was inspired to make a cuff for myself as well:-)

I used soft thick floral wire I found in the gardening section of Michaels:

 I first made an oversized "love" charm and twisted/rounded the ends of the wire using round nose pliers.  I created a "cuff" piece by folding over a long piece of wire, shaping it, then attaching each free end to the top and bottom of the letter "l" respectively (using pliers).  Then I shaped the combined piece into a curved cuff.  The finishing piece is a smaller section of doubled up wire, fashioned into a hook, attached at one end to the letter "e" with the hooked end free to latch on to the other end of the cuff piece.  Very simple!

Spread the love!

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