Are you an Ice Hova?

Ice Hova

A bold yet easy breezy type of woman. She approaches all aspects of life warmly and with a genuine smile, but when messed with in personal matters, she is relentlessly cool and apathetic. She is independent, proud, and respected. She is queen or Hova/God-like, without needing anyone telling her that she is one. She is elegant and good-hearted but also lives by the phrase "don't play games with someone who can play it better"

One of my dearest friends in this world publishes the most amazing tumblr page: Ice Hova - The Anthology and I just had to share it; you need not look further for regular doses of inspiration.  The great thing is that she and her sister have been cultivating this for a few years now, so there is a wealth of material to brighten any day or moment.  Just click "random" for instant gratification.  It's an eclectic mix of material, from Emily Dickinson and Emerson to Lil Wayne and JayZ; you will be surprised, humored and motivated.

Here are just a few of the MANY inspired (and often playful) quotes you will find on their site:


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