Embellished Zip Up Hoodie

So.... here is another Kourtney Kardashian inspired DIY (the other one posted here).  What can I say, I like her wardrobe!  I was inspired by a sweatshirt she wore and could not get the idea to embellish one myself this way out of my head.  Searching online, I could not find out what the actual garment was, so I made this going off of my memory.

All you will need are long tube beads, a zip up hoodie, a needle, some thread and a marking pencil. Feel free to play around with the design to your own liking.  Play around with your bead placement before beginning to sew them on.  Once you have an arrangement you are happy with, use a marking pencil to help guide the sewing process.  

I love wearing this hoodie so much more now!

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