Lasagna Cupcakes

After making these dessert wontons, I had a lot of wonton wrapper supply and not enough demand for more sweets.  I searched around and lasagna cupcakes were clearly the answer; use any of your favorite lasagna recipes. I used this Spinach & Prosciutto lasagna recipe from Martha Stewart, and adapted it in size for muffin tins.  These little lasagna cups are perfect for entertaining, as well as making quick, yet special meals at home.  They are also very healthy - I made six "cupcakes", which, based on rough calculations, came in at about 80 calories each (using fat free ricotta and low fat mozzarella cheese).  I started feeling pretty full after just three. 

You can cut the wontons into a circle, or leave them square and have the ends stick out.  Make sure to grease your muffin tins before lining with the wonton wrappers.  I then layered with the spinach mix, another wonton wrapper, next the sauce and prosciutto mixture, topped with the mozzarella cheese.  An added bonus (to the cuteness factor) is that these little cups bake faster than a full lasagna, done after just 20 minutes in a preheated 375 degree Fahrenheit oven.

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