Jumbo Polka Dot Felted Sweater

When I saw this DIY on needle felting (on the always inspiring blog Honestly ...WTF), it was the answer to how I was going to recreate this sweater I've been wanting to make.  Confession: I saw it on Kourtney Kardashian on their show, and had to have one myself!  BUT, I didn't want to pay $280 for it!

SO, with a $15 sweater from H&M and $3 worth of wool roving, I made something very similar myself.  Of course, if you don't already have the felting supplies (I didn't) you will need a felting needle and a needle mat - these cost me about $30 total.  Of course, I will be using them again and again!

I used a roll of painter's tape as my polka dot stencil...

Place the needle mat under fabric where you'd like to position a polka dot, then lay stencil on top and fill evenly with wool roving fibers... Next, repeatedly stab with the felting needle to secure the wool fibers to your sweater until they are flat and smooth (making sure to hold the needle perpendicular to your fabric, never at an angle). 

Repeat throughout sweater until you are done with the polka dots (I did not apply spots to the back of my sweater).  Once they are all satisfactorily needle-felted in, spray lightly with water and press with an iron on wool setting.

Now you have your own jumbo polka-dotted sweater!

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