Brie & Pear Pizza

I recently went to one of my favorite wine bars in Santa Monica, Bodega, and had the most amazing pizza - It was a brie cheese & pear pizza topped with fresh spinach.  I have not been able to stop thinking about it!

On my way home stopping at Trader Joe's, (hopefully you are fortunate enough to live near one) I decided it was time to attempt recreating this meal.  I grabbed some of their pre-made fresh pizza dough (it is fantastic and comes in 3 varieties: whole wheat, plain, and herbed), a block of brie (light brie! who knew?), a few pears and a bag of arugula (grocery bill: under $10 - LOVE this store!)

Thinly slice your pears and brie (I used one pear, but probably should have loaded it up with two) :

Next, roll your dough on a lightly floured surface:

Then, I rubbed the dough with olive oil and covered it with 2 thinly sliced garlic cloves before layering - first with the brie slices and then with the pears (next time, I think I will layer some pears or caramelized onions as described in this recipe before the cheese as well). 

Bake in the oven according to your pizza dough instructions (mine took about 15min at 450 degrees Fahrenheit) 

Cut pizza into slices and top with arugula (or spinach) before serving

I love the way the sweetness of the cooked pears accompanies the cheese - I will definitely be experimenting with more brie/pear recipes!

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