Paper Favor Bags

Today is our company Holiday party and my kitchen has been a caramel making factory all week!  I've been using the same recipe I posted here.  I wanted to give my holiday treats away during the event to add to the festivities...  I also didn't want to simply package the treats in clear cellophane bags.  

I am always drawn to a neutral base, so I decided to start with small brown paper bags.  To embellish, I used some satin ribbon (makes absolutely everything look better!) and red card stock for my Martha Stewart flourish square punch.  The only other materials you will need are scissors and tape and/or glue.

First, bag up your treats:

Next, fold down the top of each bag and secure in place with a small piece of tape:

Take the satin ribbon and secure one end on the bottom of the bag with tape, then wrap around entire length of bag and secure opposite end on top of and in line with the first taped end:

Next, we will need the red squares punched out (or any other shape you desire):

Glue the squares on top of the ribbon in the front center of the bag:

Use the tags to describe the contents, use them as gift tags, or simply leave them blank...

Go on and spread some Holiday joy!

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