Penne alla Vodka

I am a huge fan of Williams-Sonoma recipes... You are pretty much guaranteed that they will taste awesome and make you feel like a rock star in the kitchen...  This recipe for Penne alla Vodka is no exception!

Be forewarned: the most time-consuming element is prepping your tomatoes - they need to be peeled and seeded before chopping for the sauce.

You will need two cloves of garlic; I always want to add tons more garlic to recipes, but what I've come to learn is more is not always better... The right amount of garlic is usually the perfect amount...

This pasta is a bit of a splurge, but its absolutely delicious and totally worth it, especially if you are entertaining...

Then of course there is the vodka - by adding it early on, all the harshness will have evaporated for your finished meal

You may want to wear goggles making this meal (no joke, I do this sometimes) - the oil has a tendency to jump and sputter, especially when you are reducing the oil/garlic/vodka mixture... I'm just sayin'.... be safe!

Toss with Italian parsley and enjoy!

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