Nigella's Lasagne

My sister just got into town from NY and I was excited to make this Pumpkin & Goat's Cheese Lasagne for her, a recipe shared on NPR by the beautiful and talented Nigella Lawson.

I was able to procure all the ingredients from my local Trader Joe's save for the oh-so-unimportant pumpkin. Ya, no big deal, just a minor ingredient...!  I decided to be daring and substitute the pumpkin in the recipe with butternut squash (I have made a butternut squash & sage bread pudding in the past, so, since there was sage in this recipe, why not?)

I really enjoyed making this meal; the timing involved was perfect for staging things and not getting too overwhelmed.  It does not require any fancy ingredients or techniques... The most arduous task was chopping the onions and garlic.  Using the butternut squash had the added benefit of coming in pre-cut cubes from Trader Joe's!  

Making the pumpkin filling takes an hour of simmering once you have all the ingredients set up to go.  You can use this time to prepare the tomato sauce and cheese mixture.  

Layer the lasagna as described: first some tomato sauce at the bottom of your pan, lasagne noodles, pumpkin mixture, cheese mixture, noodles, repeat twice (reserve the tomato sauce when layering) and then cover with the remaining tomato sauce.  Top with fresh mozzarella. 

You can wash all your dishes while the lasagne bakes in the oven for an hour - personally, knowing all the dishes are done increases the pleasure of a meal tenfold!

Did you make this dish with the prescribed pumpkin? Let me know how it turned out!

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