Upcycled Necklace

This past weekend, I was under the weather, but fortunate enough to be at home where my mom made me soup and lots of hot tea with lemon and honey :-)

I spent much of my time resting and messing around with some jewelry.  I took an old cluster bead necklace similar to this one and modified it to something more interesting/stylish.  I got so excited to tackle this project that I neglected to take a "before shot".  This picture is nearly identical to what the necklace looked like before except for the color of the chain and the beads:

The necklace I started out with had a series of smaller clear beads, and some larger different colored beads.  I removed all but the clear beads from the chain, creating individual strands isolating the other colors on graduating lengths of chain, which I later connected together.  The only tools I needed were some pliers and wire cutters (that come in any basic jewelry making kit)

Here is the resulting "new" necklace:

It's fun to buy jewelry that has been heavily discounted for the beads/materials and potential they hold if only re-arranged in a different way...  Or just go to work on some old pieces you never wear!

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