Frozen Honey Cream

Amazingly, this no-churn ice cream recipe does not require an ice cream maker!  You will need an electric mixer, whipping cream, honey, and egg yolks.  Take that, "Five" (j/k, they are great, especially the caramel flavor... :-) but really, we're looking at three ingredients here).

After whipping the cream to stiff peaks, refrigerate while you boil the honey and beat the egg yolks until they are a pale yellow color.  Once the eggs are the right color, slowly add the honey while mixing, then continue to beat the mixture until it reaches room temperature (about 5 min).  Add the whipped cream, pour in your dish, cover and freeze.  A few hours later, enjoy!

The taste is really dominated by the honey flavor, so it is best served with a neutral tasting cookie to help tone down the strong sweetness.  I served mine with ladyfingers, which paired nicely with the honey.  (I have to say, while delicious, this is no substitute for real ice cream!)

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