Vegan Coconut Whipped Cream

Ok, so cutting out meat, no problem.  Cutting out dairy, that's a different story.  But recipes like this make it much easier...  Did you know you could make vegan whipped cream???

I personally L-O-V-E coconut, and if you do too, this whipped cream is something you will want to make even if you aren't trying to swap out dairy.  And it seriously couldn't get any easier (or more fun - it's like a science experiment!)

Step 1: Refrigerate a can of full fat coconut milk overnight
Step 2: Open can and scrape off the thick cream layer that has risen to the top into a bowl & drain out the clear liquid that has separated away from the creamy part

Step 3: Beat with a mixer (just like real whipped cream!) until fluffy
Step 4: Add sugar and vanilla to taste (you can add a little cornstarch too to help thicken the cream)

Feel free to add anything else into the mix to add flavor - I personally like the coconut flavor on its own.
This works best after refrigerated for an hour or two and served immediately.

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