Vegan Chocolate Avocado Cake

As you are probably aware, Joy the Baker's website is one of my absolute favorite go-to places for A-mazing recipes.  I have been wanting to make this cake for quite a while, especially since both my husband and I are simultaneously motivated to eat more Vegan meals (even if we aren't fully committing to the lifestyle...)

It's hard to believe that a cake recipe with avocado could taste like cake, or even good at all.  This cake rocked my world.  I absolutely loved it and didn't feel bad eating an extra piece (or two) either!

No eggs.  No butter.  A little vegetable oil, and that's just good for you.  This cake turned out super moist and if I didn't tell you, you would have no idea it was made with avocado.  I think next time I will throw in some (vegan) chocolate chips to make the cake extra chocolaty & try making the avocado frosting to go with it as well (I used my recent coconut whipped cream to top off the cake this time).

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