Sock Bun

I had my hair up in a bun the other day at work, and my co-worker asked me if I'd ever heard of "Sock Buns" - you roll up a sock and use it as a base for your bun, making it fuller, thicker and, well,  just more perfect.  Think of it as sort of a "Bump-It" for buns...  And the answer was, No, I hadn't!!

Sock Bun
high bun
So, I poked around, found some great tutorials & also summarized the basic steps here:

1.)  First, cut the toe portion off of a sock and roll it into a donut shape 
      (It's helpful to use a sock similar to your natural hair color)
2.)  Pull hair back into a ponytail 
      (Have the base of the ponytail be wherever you'd like the bun to be positioned)

3.)  Insert ponytail through the hole in your sock donut.  

4.)  Next, there seem to be two methods of approaching this
      (The pink links below are to video demos) 

Method 1: Hold the sock bun at the very end of the ponytail (bottom tips of hair), then wrap hair all around the sock, and roll hair (with the sock) towards the base of your ponytail - this method seems a bit trickier, but with better results (you may not even need pins to keep this bun in place)

Step by Step in pictures...

Method 2: Slide the sock donut to the base of your ponytail, then begin wrapping your hair around the sock bun in a clockwise manner, tucking and pinning under the sock as you go around

Either way you choose to try this, good luck - I can't wait to try this myself!

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