Bungee Cord Knot Bracelet

I been wanting to make my own jewelry with bungee cording; I also love the sailor knot trend.  Combining the two looks to make my own bracelet was super easy (albeit messy, considering I got super glue all over my fingers).

Supplies needed are: some bungee cord, end caps, a clasp, jump rings, and super glue.
Cut a piece of cord long enough to go around wrist after making a knot.  Lightly burn the ends with a flame to melt the cording and keep it from fraying. 

Tie a knot in the middle part of the cording:

Trim ends if needed to modify the length, then place a few drops of super glue in the end caps before affixing to each open end of the bungee cord.

Finally, affix closures to the end caps and enjoy!

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