Hot Chocolate

In my high school Spanish class, we once took a "trip to Spain" via VHS tapes.  One thing I'll never forget was the part about the "Chocolat√©" they drank, so thick they dipped churros in it - this was the late night snack after dancing (according to the VHS tape...?)  How true to life any of it was, I don't know, but if I ever go to Spain, I am hunting down a cup of chocolate with a churro first thing!

This Basic Hot Chocolate recipe can be modified and adjusted any which way to your liking. This time I went with basic simple hot chocolate, but look forward to adding cinnamon and experimenting with other spices in the future.

I halved the  recipe using Lindt brand 70% cocoa smooth dark chocolate

After simmering the milk, sugar, salt, vanilla and chocolate for about 4 min, you are done! 

Hot Chocolate
I made some fresh whipped cream to top it off, infused with vanilla and sugar to taste:


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