Simple Parisian Breakfast

When we were in France, we had a variation of the same breakfast almost every day at different cafés (it was pretty much the only breakfast on the menu, and we were pretty much the only people ordering it - the locals seemed content with coffee and cigarettes).  

Aside from the occasional Eggs Benedict, I usually stay away from egg yolks (especially the runny, dangerously prone to salmonella kind)... But, I wanted to eat as the French (I didn't exactly feel comfortable asking for egg whites anyway!) and this is what we had (only it was 3 eggs, not 2 - we're cutting back)

Crusty french bread, butter, and sunny side up eggs, delicious!

So simple and so very yummy! I am also amazed at how filling this is - It is the perfect breakfast fuel for a busy day on the go...  We no longer eat 3 yolks a day, but this simple breakfast is now a go-to for a delicious and simple weekend meal.

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