Paper Beads

I don't know if you ever made paper beads in middle school like I did, but lately I'm on a jewelry making kick and was reminded of how much fun it is to make these in all kinds of patterns.  There are an endless array of options for color - you could choose to make monochromatic beads using simple paper, or pull out some old magazines and catalogs (like I did) and just let the beads fall where they may. Now that I have all my favorite books on my Kindle, it would be fun to grab my old copy of Wuthering Heights and make a meaningful and inspired piece out of the pages...

First, gather your supplies: you'll need your paper source, scissors, glue and a narrow rod to roll the paper on (I used a toothpick).

Next, cut out the pages you'd like to use in a variety of shapes/sizes... The ideal size is probably a 1" x 4" triangle, however I like to have an assortment of bead sizes to use, so I just cut a bunch of different size triangles as well as a few rectangles for more cylindrical beads.

Apply a dab of glue on the opposite (or "bad") side of the narrow end of your paper and begin rolling  paper tightly around your toothpick from the wide edge toward the sticky narrow end... You want to roll while facing the "bad" side of your paper so the "good" side is on the outside.

To make your beads more durable, coat them with clear glue, Mod Podge, or even clear nail polish for a more finished look.  

Coming up tomorrow, some pictures of pieces made with my paper beads :-) 

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